Fact sheet

First name: Sifat
Country of origin: Bangladesh
Year of birth: 1992
Field of study: Environmental Sciences
German university: RPTU (Rheinland-Pfälzische Technische Universität Kaiserslautern-Landau)
University location: Landau
Type of stay: Master’s degree for now
I have been writing for the blog since: August 2023
My hobbies and interests: Cycling, drawing pictures, and reading novels and comics (TinTin 😀 )

About Sifat

Hi Everyone!

I am Sifat from Bangladesh. I have been residing in Germany since 2018.  I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in environmental sciences, and I have to say that Germany is an excellent place for anyone interested in research and innovation. The country offers a wide range of subjects and pathways for higher studies and career development.

When I first arrived, I was surprised to learn that Germans value punctuality so highly that being two minutes late for a meeting, even an informal one, can upset them. However, I am still trying to be punctual like the Germans, :D. Hey! I am serious ! It helped me manage my daily routine and use my time more effectively. In Germany, it’s common to schedule your entire year plan in advance, which makes life easier and hassle-free.  I got some advantages because of the language, I learnt German language before I came here, it helped me a lot!
Coping with winter weather is hard for people like me who come from a country with an average temperature of 26-30°C! However, thanks to climate change, Germany has experienced warmer weather and rain events in the summer recently, which has been a bit of a relief for me! hahaha 😀
I am an optimistic person, and the rest is yet undiscovered.

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