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Achtung! You are on the Autobahn ...!

In Germany, Autobahns are highways with no speed limit but are strictly prohibited for cyclists. Only vehicles that drive more than 60km/h are allowed. Imagine finding yourself cycling on one of these mighty Autobahns. Let's experience the horror together!

8 am in the morning….!

I was headed to Landau for university coursework, already on the train. In Germany, I have to get up around 5 am to get things done quickly. After stepping off the train with my bicycle, I checked the location on Google Maps. I was looking for a vineyard to find different species of butterflies for my Applied Ecology coursework. Although spotting a butterfly is relatively easy, capturing a satisfactory picture is challenging. I also had to take photos of other plant species in the vineyard. In fact, I captured some moments where other animals, like bees; were active.

I had all the necessary equipment in my backpack and began cycling from Landau central station to the vineyard.

A green bicycle is parked on the rain-soaked street, but the sun is already shining again.
A green bicycle is parked on the rain-soaked street, but the sun is already shining again.© Tahziba

Almost there..!

Yes! I was almost there; I could see the vineyard on both sides of the road, but there was no way to get there from the road!
After cycling for over 30 minutes, I found myself lost at that time with no stop signs  or signals. I was nervous due to the fast-moving trucks and cars passing me. I slowed my bicycle speed and wondered, what can I do? 

A lady helped me ..!

Suddenly a red sports car slowed down beside my cycle and a lady told me in clear German accent, “ Please step on the grass and walk from there down to the vineyard. It is forbidden to ride a bicycle on the Autobahn. Take care!“

I replied ‚thank you‘ to the lady with a polite smile though I was shocked …

"It is forbidden to ride a bicycle on the Autobahn"

A young woman wearing a bicycle helmet takes a selfie in the sunny vineyards.
Sifat wearing a bicycle helmet takes a selfie in the sunny vineyards.© Tahziba

Really …!

So, this is the Autobahn? 

I was surprised to find myself on the Autobahn while following Google Maps bike route in Germany.

Meanwhile, I stopped my bicycle on the roadside grass and took it to the vineyard. Finally, I was in the vineyard. I spent some time there capturing pictures of butterflies, bees, plants … etc. Soon after I finished my task, I recorded some of the views while riding back to the university.

A bee in a dandelion.
A bee in a dandelion.© Tahziba

I should have paid more attention to road signs and not entered on the Autobahn. The following might help you if you are new to Germany and a cyclist.

Good to know if you are a cyclist ...

  • Always pay attention to signals and signs on the board. 
  • Ride your bicycle only on the cycling lane, do not ride in the pedestrian area.
  • Make sure to give a hand signal before taking any turns.
  • You should have front and back lights. It would be best to use it even in cloudy weather or when it rains.

If you are unaware of road signs, you can also have a look at the link to get to know more about road signs in Germany.

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Excellent idea. Go ahead, my dear student.

written by Md. Kamal Hossain created on

Well, that's debatable. 😉 We say: Safety first! ☝️ Rather ride on one of the numerous bike paths. 🚴 Best wishes, Your Study in Germany-Team 👋🇩🇪

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