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Frankfurt 360

This post was mainly to write about my first trip to Frankfurt am Main. However, I would also like to put you guys in context by providing previous events that may had led or not to the trip to Frankfurt.

Front of a skyscraper in Frankfurt
Front of a skyscraper in Frankfurt© Andres

Hello @germanizers!

On Friday the 29th of March all students of Media Design were invited to Frankfurt’s Film Museum as part of the preparatory course of the degree. The main idea of visiting the museum was to get an insight of inventions that led to what we know as media and film. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to discover and sightsee the Film Museum in a really interactive way; with a guided tour. The guided tour was in fact well-structured and inviting.

Some objects exposed in the museum were the following:

  • “Alien” original costume
  • “Star Wars” original helmet
  • Zoetropes
  • Interactive film/audio editing machines
  • Green screen

What happened after the museum guided tour?

  • We visited Frankfurt’s old city
  • We decided to get some street food
  • We grabbed some cold drinks and chilled in a park
  • We decided to go the top of the “Galeria” to take amazing shots of Frankfurt’s skyline
House view during the day
House view during the day© Andres

What happened the days before the Museum guided tour?

-I went to an awesome Boat Party in the Rhein River

-I visited a really disappointing castle in a village called Entville

-I visited Wiesbaden and the FBW ( a German federal authority that evaluates and rates film and media content)

I will keep discovering the Rhein-Main!

Thanks for reading and bye for now!


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