A person on a pier walking towards the ocean.
Person on a pier in Sylt.© Linh

Most recently, on my trip to Sylt, while I was walking around and peacefully enjoying my hard-earned slice of pizza after a long albeit lovely day at the beach, I heard a lady scream aloud: BE CAREFUL! Unsure who the warning was directed at, I turned around to see the lady actually pointing at me with urgency. But before my brain could even process the situation, a strong force shot down from the sky towards my direction, just as my companion motioned me to duck down and protect my possessions. The attack happened in a matter of seconds, and luckily, I survived unscathed. My pizza, on the other hand, didn’t…

Hence, before I advocate for beach visits, I strongly feel it’s my responsibility to warn you about some popular and incredibly audacious daytime robbers and their menacing presence by the ocean: seagulls.

An ideal visit to the beach naturally consists of the joyful feeling of soft sand to the touch, of immersing yourself into the warm water and/or engaging in fun beach games—I personally recommend Spike Ball and Viking Chess aka Kubb. But this also means you need to refuel, which, in my experience, often comes in the form of (lots of) snacks.

As someone who, on multiple occasions, has lost a variety of foods to the aforementioned audacious robbers, incl. crepe, franzbrötchen, and most recently, pizza, I have one important message to you: Always keep an eye on your food and ‘protect’ them in closed containers or in your bags!


Seagulls aside, here come my 7 SYLT TIPS for you:


1. Look out the window.

While arriving on the train, be sure to look out the window. A part of the track makes you feel like you’re riding on water!

Once you arrive, you can walk or bike around the whole island. There are shops to rent normal and e-bikes 🚲 But there are also regular buses as part of the public transport system (hence included in the Deutschlandticket).

A couple standing on a street with ocean view.
A couple standing on a street with ocean view.© Linh

Pay close attention to stones on the beach. There are a lot of the so-called fire stones (Feuersteine) aka flintstones, maybe you can do some experiments or create a collection out of them ;)

People on the beach in Westerland.
People on the beach in Westerland.© Linh

4. Red Cliff

Stand on a 120,000-year-old cliff and enjoy the amazing view out to sea. Between Wennigstedt and Kampen you’ll find one of the island’s most famous landmarks which served as a guide for sailors for centuries 🚢

5. Uwe Dune

Person standing on a pier facing the ocean
Person standing on a pier facing the oceanLinh Tran

At 52.5 meters above sea level, Uwe Dune is the highest point in Sylt. After 110 wooden steps, you will be at the viewing platform standing since 1920, from where you can see almost the entire center, as well as the north of Sylt. Also, if the weather is in your favor, you can even see the Danish island of Rømø and the German-Danish mainland 🇩🇪🇩🇰

6. Hörnum lighthouse

The lighthouse in Hörnum is great for a historic visit and panorama over the sea, but be sure to check opening hours and book beforehand!

7. Don’t forget the seafood!

Last but not least, don’t forget to grab a fish soup and brötchen or other delicacies while you’re there to have a full Sylt experience 🐟

I hope this inspires you to visit Sylt and helps you prepare for your lovely trip!

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