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TBT: The Arrival [Tips]

Today I will provide you guys many tips regarding the arrival in Germany. Many of you are planning to come to this country soon but don’t know which previsions to have. Therefore I will expose the most common mistakes regarding the ‘Arrival’.

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Hello @germanizers!

  1. It is well known that most of the germans are proficient in English. However, there are some exceptions. The elderly people for example may lack English skills. A recommendation for those planning to come to Germany is to learn german.


  • To immerse yourself in the society.
  • To communicate with german people; they expect you to make an effort to learn the language.
  • To understand your surroundings while leaving here.

2. It is also not a secret that german people have been labeled as cold people. Some of you may think that is impossible or really hard to make friendships in this nation. Moreover, some of you think that is also better to stick together with students of your country or with those who share your native language. A recommendation for those with such bias is to get out of their comfort zones and approach german students to get to know them better. They are definitely nice people, keen to meet you as well, but normally not that keen at the first place because of the fact that they are used to have an international environment in their lives.

Why is it worthy?

-To learn and develop the critical and sincere way of thinking.

-To learn how to be honest with your loved ones.

-To learn how to build long term relationships.

3.  Don’t expect to be accepted with your exotic habits or cultural traditions. Germans are expecting you to immerse yourself in their culture and not the other way around. At the end of day is their country and you are being welcomed. As soon as you get to meet them well, you will be able to share your culture with them.

4. Don’t expect to prove your skills in any fields without physical proofs. Germans expect you to have  so-called  “Qualifikationen” for almost everything you have done in life.

Hope it helps!



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