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Mainz - First Impression

I am reaching out to you in this occasion, since I am already living in Mainz and wanted to share my first impressions of the city with all of you. Now… here’s the question… how did I ended up here?

Hello @germanizers!

I- The Hochschule Mainz (University of Applied Sciences in Mainz) offers a interesting degree called “Zeitbasierte Medien”, also known as “Media Design” or “Mediendesign”. I have been interested in audiovisual content since time immemorial, so that was one of the reasons of my decision.

II- Mainz has many cities nearby e.g. Frankfurt + Frankfurt’s Airport is just 20 minutes away from Mainz.

III- Mainz is a pretty city suitable for students! (Germans + Internationals)

First Impressions:

-Mainz is a kind of hipster city full of conceptual stores and pastel-coloured buildings.

-The Erasmus in both the JGU and in the Hochschule Mainz create a comfy international atmosphere.

-There are bikes all around the place here!


Artistic shot of building in Mainz
Artistic shot of building in Mainz© Andres Open fig caption

What’s going on:

  • I am already settled in the Studentenwohnheim in Mainz after being overwhelmed by the responsibilities [the perks of living in an “Einzelapartment” ] mentioned by the “Haustutor”.
  • We, the students of Media design, were introduced to the University with the Welcome Week; a week full of activities and workshops.
  • A boat party will take place on Saturday!

Wish me luck,



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