Eine Bootfahrt

The university I’m (FU Berlin, if anyone wants to know) in organized ein Bootfahrt for the incoming students. It was pretty amazing, and we were so blessed with great weather (as you can see in the picture above (: ). I just love to feel the sun on my face and the light wind whipping through my hair as we chilled and made small talk throughout the 2-hour journey. It was pretty long, but a Bootfahr is a great way to see Berlin – you get to see the many buildings with amazing architecture (including the Berliner Dom!), graffiti, and also many people sunbathing!

Later after the tour, a couple of friends and I headed down to the Turkish Market located in Kreuzberg. It was amazing!

There were so many stores, and you could find things from sunglasses, iron-on clothing patches, to a huge variety of food like Hummus, fresh Italian pasta, pickled Olives, and also this:

It’s a savory pastry filled with spinach and cheese, and so very delicious!

I would really recommend the Turkish Market as a must see in Berlin. Absolutely lovely, especially with the great weather, and it was very nice to see many people simply enjoying their day strolling through the market. What could be better than a great walk and delicious food, right? Many people also do their grocery shopping here – a huge plus for many reasons. For one, they use way less packaging than the foods sold at supermarkets, which means its a more environmentally conscious way of shopping since less wastage of packaging is involved. And if that doesn’t sound that appealing, the fruits and vegetables sold here are also work out to be much cheaper than those at supermarkets! I had a friend who bought 5kg of cherry tomatoes for 2 Euros! So yes, definitely check this place out – it’s a cool place to be! But also note that they are only opened on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11am-6.30pm.

Can’t wait to update more on cool places to visit so do check back 😉

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