A group of people celebrating and talking outside
A group of people celebrating and talking outside© Candice

The weekend

…that just past was one where there was so much happening all around. From Kreuzberg to Mehringdamm, to Hermannplatz, people were partying on the streets, food stalls that sold crepes to falafel to ice cream were set up all over, and in distance you could hear the loud beating of African drums to Reggaeton. Berlin is diverse, and that was the focus of Karneval der Kulturen.

I spent Saturday in Kreuzberg basking in the sun and enjoying what music there was to be offered. Blücherplatz was filled with people doing the same. Some partook in the activities going on, some had stalls set up, while others were simply lying on an empty space that they could find to enjoy the positive vibes all around. There were even various performances, such as this lady putting up a Hula Hoop performance catered to young children!

We later found ourselves some space nearby this stage that was set up, and danced the afternoon away to Turkish music!

Pretty cool

While I thought Saturday was really cool, Sunday bested that. The parade from Yorckstraße to Hermannplaty started at 12.30pm, and the streets at Mehringdamm was filled. Completely and utterly filled. It felt as if the whole of Berlin was there to watch the parade. And it was a really interesting sight!

I can now see why this is called ‚Karneval der Kulturen‘ – There was everything! Spanish music with loud drum beating, the Chinese decked out in traditional costumes, belly dancers, children with the circus, and even people dressed in witch costumes.

I think this is definitely something to experience in Berlin, a city so filled with different cultures, this carnival is a great way to embrace it all.

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