Cottbus (German) or Chosebuz (Sorbian) is a the second largest city in the state of Brandenburg and located to the south-east of Berlin or Brandenburg state and is a hometown to a technical university i.e. Brandenburg University of technology which makes it a very happening place as there are lots of young international students one can see roaming around the campus and the city. I’m one of the students studying at the University and I really enjoy studying at this campus. The University has two campuses, i.e. one is in Cottbus and the other one is in Seftenberg which is 30-40 minutes far away from Cottbus via Train. The Campus is very modern, spacious, and everything is in very close proximity considering transportation, markets, and other leisure activities.



The above photograph is our main campus administration building (Hauptgebäude) where the new students can be easily seen hanging around or asking questions. The space in front of the building is used by the concerts or fest or parties during the semester. This is the place where the Job Messe or Job fair happens as well. The BTU library is very famous and modern architecture in the city and is built by the famous architect Herzog & de Meuron ( who also created the famous NEST Stadium in Beijing.

The photo bellow is of the Spremberger tower located on the Spremberger road which dates back to the 13th century. The place around the tower has many shops and restaurants. During the fest season, the passageway or the road leading to the tower gets very crowded with shops and small munching spots.
Spremberger road
Spremberger road © Abhishek
And here we have our lovely colorful trams that help the people move from one part of the city to another. The trams and buses are really comfortable and most importantly punctual. During the first semester, there are times when one could see me struggling to get the bus as I was not a punctual person but now after living for like 2 years, I can say I’m very punctual and do not struggle anymore to take the bus or train. Some of the buildings around campus are shown bellow, too. 

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Hello! I’m Daniela from Colombia. I was granted the Erasmus mundus scholarship and I’m going to Cottbus in September. The thing is I don’t know the German language. Do you think is possible just with English ?

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Hey Daniela, Thank you for the message. I would say the day to day errands would be a little difficult to run. Since most people in Cottbus speak german for instance at the grocery stores, Banks, etc. Try to learn a few words and sentences before you come as it will certainly help you in running tasks. If you have any further questions, please let me know. Regards Abhishek

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Hey, I was interested in doing my MS in environmental and resource management in cottbus. I wanted some more knowledge from the students who are persuading it. Can someone help me out?

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Hi Sai, unfortunately we know nobody who made this Master's. But we would suggest to get in contact with the International Office of the university: Best wishes, Your Study in Germany Team

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Hello , my name is Dato and i am from georgia , i have BA degree in information technology and i want to study in cyber security course in BTU , i want to know how good is learning in this course and other details about living in Cottbus?

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My name is Mesfin Tesfaye and I lives in Ethiopia.I have BA degree in Management anf graduated from Wollega univetdity with CGPA 3.62.Now adays I am serving in banking industry but I wants to cope up my second degree in business related in German country how can I get opportunity to study ???

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Hi Mesfin, Thank you for your enquiry. If you have already studied for several years in your home country (at least one or two years depending on the country of origin), it may often be possible for you to be admitted directly to higher education in Germany. The same is true after completing a degree abroad. However, not every foreign degree automatically qualifies you for an admission to continue your studies. Bachelor's degrees obtained abroad are sometimes only recognised as an intermediate examination. Before you apply for a postgraduate programme, you may need to take part in a placement process in the respective degree course. You can find more information and the DAAD database on admission requirements at: <a href="" rel="nofollow ugc"> </a> Ensure you contact the International Office at the German university you wish to apply to in good time. Please clarify the issue of admission to higher education with the International Office and establish how the examination results obtained at your home university will be credited. The postal, e-mail and Internet addresses of the International Offices at all German universities can be found here: Best regards, your Study in Germany Team

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hello, I am from Algeria, and have been accepted recently at BTU from a master program in english, can you please give me more details about the living in Cottbus, because I am still hesitating. Thank you

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Hi Lahmar, you can find Information about Cottbus on our Website: Best wishes, your Study in Germany Team

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