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Lost and Found

How about thinking of a day that you never imagined …

Yes, it was an incident that happened with me last Sunday when I am travelling from Aachen to Nuremberg. I had been to Aachen last weekend to meet few of my friends and started back to Nuremberg on Sunday evening in Flixbus.

As I have not booked my seat, I sat at last initially because the seats were almost full. There was also another friend of mine who was travelling with me from Aachen.  As it was month end, I thought of buying travel ticket and took my wallet out. By the time I was about to buy the ticket using my Card, we just reached Cologne.

Almost many of the seats became empty and I just rushed front with all my luggage.


Almost many of the seats became empty and I just rushed front with all my luggage. Then I was talking to one of my friends on phone call and suddenly remembered that my wallet was missing. I then started searching but could not find anywhere. I was very worried as I have all the original documents including my residence permit, driving license, atm cards and all. I tried to go and check once in my previous seat, but the people who are sitting there did not responded so well and not even allowed me to look over there for my wallet. It was almost three times I tried to search near my previous place but was not successful. I started crying thinking that I lost my bag and all my documents.

After speaking to few of my friends and listening to their suggestions, I decided to speak with the Person who will be in the bus along with the driver. It was just 15 minutes before Frankfurt central station that I went down and explained the whole situation to the person. Luckily, he was able to speak in English and he understood the whole situation. I requested him to either make an announcement in the bus or help me with finding my wallet. He came up, saw my previous seat from far and asked me if its fine with me if he call Police for investigation.

That incident became a small kind of adventure in my life.


I agreed with him for calling the police for investigation,

… as I am very sure that my wallet was some where missed in the Bus. But being a student that too from other country, I was a bit worried how things will go and what situations I must face once the investigation starts. We reached Frankurt Central station and there were many people waiting in the bus in a line to get down, including the persons who were in my previous seat. Then the driver gave an announcement that no one can get down out of the bus as the police will be arriving shortly for some investigation. Then, I and my friend thought to go and check near my previous set clearly, as the place is completely vacated now. It was around 23:00 when we went and checked below the seat by using flashlight in our two mobiles. We were able to trace my wallet just below my previous seat.

I am a bit relaxed that I found my wallet and all the cards in it. Then I rushed down and explained everything to the driver and other person with him that I found my wallet just now when we searched few seconds ago. He told us that the police are anyways on the way and now its my responsibility to explain everything to the police and convince them with my issue. The driver called the police and gave the mobile to me to speak. I was a bit afraid initially, but then slowly I explained everything, and they told that they will not be coming now.

Finally, everything was sorted and then the journey went peaceful. That incident became a small kind of adventure in my life.

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I am having this situation right now. Unfortunately I couldn't find my wallet. It has my atm and residence permit in it. I lost my wallet yesterday night around 10pm at Bochum train station. I was searching as well crying till 1pm in the train station. So far no luck. The worst part is i was alone, still i am. Then went back home by walk because i have no money to buy the ticket. I was crying the whole time. I filed a missing complaint to the DB people. I was asked to wait 4 weeks, in case if I dint receive any mail from them in this time then its gone. I couldn't sleep, and i haven't told my family yet. I came to this country alone and i am alone. Its actually scary to be helpless in a foreign country without knowing the language. I am sitting outside the bank, i just blocked my atm and requested a new one. And for the resident permit... I have no clue where and how to begin the process. I dono why i am sharing this here but i just want to tell someone what i went through. Please take care of your belongings, please. I have so much to say but i will stop here. People are noticing me crying and its embarrassing 😂. Tata

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Hey Priyanka, we are so sorry for what you are going through right now. We hope you get your stuff back and/or new bank cards soon. Note, that the loss or theft of a residence permit must be reported to your Foreigners Registration Office asap. Don't be afraid to report it. All the best, Your Study in Germany-Team

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This is a very nice one and gives in-depth information. I am really happy with the quality and presentation of the article. I’d really like to appreciate the efforts you get with writing this post. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for your valuable Feedback and Support. It's really so encouraging to hear these words from you :) Best Regards Sreehitha

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