Statue in Furtwangen
Statue in Furtwangen© Janine Funke Open fig caption

The town of Furtwangen is located in the middle of one of Germany’s largest forests, nestled in an idyllic valley among meadows and near one of Germany’s highest waterfalls. Here you can find the peace and quiet you need for your studies while you become familiar with German customs and traditions.


If you don’t have a car, the best way to reach Furtwangen is by bus from Freiburg. The two-hour bus ride takes you through one of the most scenic regions in all of Germany. The bus drops you off in the centre of the historic downtown of Furtwangen.



There you’ll find the , numerous cafés and restaurants and many historical buildings built in the typical style of the region, similar to that of the .

Furtwangen is known for its traditional clock-making industry. The contains the largest collection of clocks in Germany. It is located next to the university of applied sciences and is definitely worth visiting. In fact, the university of applied sciences in Furtwangen started long ago as the first clock-making school in Germany. Nowadays the region is characterised by metal working, precision engineering and electronics which have made the city’s business prospects quite interesting.


You can spend much of your free time outdoors in Furtwangen. The region offers ideal conditions for exercising, playing sports or taking long walks in nature. The forest is right at your doorstep! You can take an extended excursion to the nearby Danube Spring or visit the “Hexenlochmühle“.

If you want to do some serious shopping, go to the movies or see a play, you should take a bus to the nearby city of Villingen-Schwenningen. A lot of students spend their evenings together at organised events, like film nights or barbecues. At weekends students sometimes go on excursions to various tourist attractions in the region – and the Alps are not far away!

If you ever get the chance to live in the middle of the Black Forest, then you shouldn’t miss out on some local traditions. These include the Swabian-Allemannic “Fasnet“ festival on Ash Wednesday with the traditional carnival guild parade. At the end of August, Furtwangen holds an annual (city festival) featuring numerous events, such as a flea market and a clock fair. If you enrol in the winter semester, you should try to arrive a little earlier so you can experience these events first-hand and get to know the town better.

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