Fact Sheet

First name: Sona 
Country of origin: Armenia
Year of birth: 1995
Field of study: German Language, Culture and Regional Studies
German university: Bremen University of Applied Sciences
University location: Bremen 
Type of stay: Summer School
I have been writing for the blog since: Summer 2018
My hobbies and interests: Writing, learning foreign languages and cultures, cooking, architecture, football, art, music

About Sona

Hi, I am Sona from Armenia. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics for Cross-cultural Communication and am currently pursuing my Master’s in Business Communication at Yerevan State University, Armenia. I have always been passionate about learning new languages and getting to know interesting customs and traditions existing in different cultures. Though my major at the university was English, the uniqueness of the German language has always appealed to me as a linguist and I have decided to challenge myself to study this language. So, in order to improve my language skills I applied for a DAAD scholarship for a summer course at Bremen University of Applied Sciences. I am really excited about the given chance as this will be my very first visit to Germany. I am impatiently looking forward to exploring this beautiful country, its culture, the breathtaking architecture and meeting new people from all over the world. I am all set to share my experience and unforgettable memories with you!

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