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Discovering the Old Fairytale Town


I’ve always associated Bremen with a fairy tale . This is mostly due to the “Town Musicians of Bremen” retrieved and recorded by the Brothers Grimm. A stroll through Bremen’s oldest district, the Schnoor quarter, makes anyone travel through the time and appear in a beautiful medieval fairytale.

The name of the district comes from Low German (Schnoor=string) and refers to the fact that the houses here, dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, are lined up like pearls on a string. In fact, Schnoor was one of the poorest corners of this Hanseatic city. It was once a district of fishermen where usually rope makers lived. Nowadays, it is a special place for arts and crafts .

I enjoyed every second spent in Schnoor: its car-free narrow streets, beautiful sculptures, souvenir stores, ice cream parlors, confectionery stores, cafes and restaurants that offer not only German culinary delights but also Italian and Spanish .

 Its fairytale-like cozy little houses with various colors and shades make the visit to the district unforgettable. I had a feeling that anytime a fairy tale character would pop up and would perform something magical.

Schnoor is a must-see place for anyone who plans to visit Germany or is in quest of a unique architecture! 

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