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My Name is Shivani. I am pursuing my M.Phil/P.hd from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Currently I am in Germany for 2 months for my research work on GIP (Germanische Institutspartnerschaft Program) at Bergische University in Wuppertal which is funded by DAAD. My research topic is „Germany as victims of 2nd World War“. The aim of this program is to encourage, assist & promote young researchers pursuing their research in German Language. Three years ago, in 2016, I was in Technical University of Dresden, Germany  for “Sommerkurs” on DAAD Scholarship. I have completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from School of Language, Literature & Culture Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. My Specialization in Master’s was German Literature. I participated in DWIH Indo-German Symposium- Future of Work 2019 and also volunteered at a conference of DAAD-GIP Network Freiburg-Delhi-Mumbai in 2018. I have also volunteered to teach underprivileged children at Community Mobilisation Programme in 2016 for six months as part of an initiative that was undertaken by my University. I believe it is a great platform to enlighten the readers about this beautiful place and thereby archive all your experiences here in form of memories. Thanks to DAAD for giving me a second chance to live my dream, explore further and integrate the values. It’s like dream come true. I am very much looking forward to join this platform and contribute to it.

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