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Want to explore some nearby places in the vicinity of Wuppertal?

But don’t want to get away from the feel of woods and fresh air? And are you someone who loves hiking? Well, you’re reading the right blog. Today I am going to talk about the place called Beyenburg which is a district located on the east of Wuppertal. So on a sunny Saturday in Germany, me and some of my friends decided to explore some nearby place which is not very far away and also which is less crowded. A local suggested us this place and when we reached there, it was exactly what we were looking for. Beyenburg is connected to the rail network by the Wuppertalbahn. You can also take the bus to reach your destination. On the way you would see large fields and meadows.  After you reach there, you could either sit back quietly and stare at the beautiful surrounding, the lush green of the forests, the swans in the lake or you could simply take a stroll.

A local suggested us this place and when we reached there, it was exactly what we were looking for.


Walking through the historic old town might be the real highlight of this trip. You would enjoy doing both and the feeling will be serene, since it’s a great place to visit. The chirping of birds will be treat to your ears. When standing over the reservoir you will witness a breathtaking panoramic view of the historic center and the monastery church. Beyenburg monastery church of St. Maria Magdalena is the most important building also known as the “Beyenburg cathedral”.

In addition to the monastery, there is also a Beyenburg Castle. While strolling you would come across some beautiful residential houses built in the ‘Bergisches’ architectural style. Plants can be seen almost everywhere. The houses are mostly painted in white-black-green. A very solid and wooden door is the eye-catcher. From the monastery church it goes down the stairs to the Obergraben. As you proceed to the interior, you will also get to see various water sports which take place regularly on the Beyenburger reservoir.

A lake in front of a blue sky

We spent some quality time with approx two and a half hour walk with high relaxation factor. This place could also be considered as a nice vacation spot within Wuppertal. When you are walking through Beyenburg, it almost feels like you are hiking. So going in a sports shoes is recommended. So grab your sports shoes and head to Beyenburg which will give you a holiday feel.


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