Reutlingen in the evening © Wendel/DAAD
Reutlingen in the evening© Wendel/DAAD Open fig caption

Although small in size, Reutlingen offers a colourful combination of cosmopolitan flair and old-town tradition. Numerous multinational corporations have set up operations in this town at the edge of the Swabian Mountains. With its vibrant culture, beautiful scenery and hometown feeling, you will most certainly enjoy living in Reutlingen.


Reutlingen is located near the cities of and and is home to approximately 110,000 residents. The gorgeous landscape of the Swabian Mountains lies directly at your doorstep. Even beyond Germany’s borders, the Swabian Mountains are known for their distinctive plant and animal life.

Reutlingen offers a charming mixture of medieval half-timber houses and modern architecture. The busy shopping street Wilhelmsstrasse, romantic quarters, a full calendar of cultural events and numerous recreational activities ensure a high quality of life.

The Spreuerhofstrasse is famous for being the narrowest street in the world – only 31 cm wide – a record held since 2007 according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Strolling through town, you’ll encounter numerous buildings and features which date back to times long past. The most famous landmark in Reutlingen is the Marienkirche (St. Mary’s Church). It has been officially designated as a national cultural monument. Located about five kilometres away from the centre of town is the , a 707-m high mountain, atop of which is a watch tower of a former castle.


The rental prices for apartments or a room in a flat-share can vary greatly in Reutlingen, especially because it’s one of the more expensive student towns in Germany. You can find a relatively inexpensive accommodation in a student residence hall though.

Whether you’re interested in nature, partying, sports or culture, Reutlingen offers something for everyone. Being a rather small city, you’ll quickly become acquainted with other students.

Whatever sport you’re interested in, you’ll find it in Reutlingen. The sports programme of the higher education institutions is free of charge and offers a wide range of sports and athletic activities – they even have a climbing wall, swimming pool and tennis courts.

If Reutlingen’s nightlife does not offer enough variety for you, you can also take a quick trip to Tübingen or Stuttgart.

Thanks to its proximity to the Swabian Mountains, Reutlingen offers ideal destinations for daylong excursions. The Hohenzollern Castle offers a marvellous panoramic view of the Swabian Mountains and is one of the most visited castles in Europe. Atop a cliff-faced outcrop lies the romantic Lichtenstein Castle, modelled after the castle in Wilhelm Hauff’s novel “Lichtenstein”. After viewing the castle and its grounds, you can put your climbing skills to the test at the adjacent adventure park.

How to find a room in Reutlingen

Many university and college towns have dormitories or student halls, and a room there is often the most affordable accommodation. To obtain a room in a dormitory or student hall, you have to apply to your college or university’s student union (). Our ‘Find Student Hall’ function can be of practical help. You only need to make a few mouse clicks to get to the online application form. Find a room and more information about dormitories and student halls in Reutlingen.


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