Nibelungen Bridge © Nagel/DAAD
Nibelungen Bridge© Nagel/DAAD

Worms is among the oldest cities in Germany and is located near Mainz, Heidelberg and Mannheim in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The higher education institution boasts a modern campus with ideal advising services, and the cost of living is quite affordable.


83.542 Inhabitants ¹

3.661 Students ²

1 Higher education institution ²


Worms looks back on an eventful history. It is known as the “City of Luther” after Martin Luther and is famous for its central role in the heroic Nibelung saga. All over town you’ll spot statues and pictures of dragons and the dragon slayer Siegfried, who was celebrated as a German national hero in the 19th century.

The higher education institution in Worms maintains numerous partnerships with well-known corporations and international institutions of higher education. It also benefits greatly from its advantageous location between the Rhine-Neckar and the Rhine-Main metropolitan regions. The degree programmes offer students practice-oriented application throughout and opportunities to establish valuable professional contacts when starting one’s career. The campus is relatively new and compact.

Logistics, trade, services, chemical production and plastic manufacturing are among the most important business sectors in Worms. Metal production, mechanical engineering and the woodworking industry also play a significant role in Worms’ economy.


Listen to a reading about ancient heroes and legends at the . After that, take a trip to where you’ll find the stone statue of the dragon slayer Siegfried.

Atop the highest hill in the city, you will spot the most famous landmark in Worms, . It is one of three existing Romanic imperial cathedrals and dates back to the 12th century. Another impressive building is the (Church of Our Lady), built in the 13th and 14th century. It’s considered to be the best-preserved example of purely Gothic sacral architecture between Strasbourg and Cologne.



The big advantage about living in Worms is that it’s quite affordable. The university of applied sciences, albeit somewhat small, has a relatively high percentage of international students. Consequently, you’ll quickly meet many people who are in the same boat as you. The institution also invites international students to participate in a tandem programme, which provides a good opportunity to make new contacts.

The university of applied sciences also organises events throughout the year, e.g. the Hochschulball, the Show Night or the Roman Games.


When the weather is nice, you can hang out with your friends on the Rhine promenade.

Between studying and going out in your free time, you might want to get involved in the student council in your faculty, the or the student government.

How to find a room in Worms

Many university and college towns have dormitories or student halls, and a room there is often the most affordable accommodation. To obtain a room in a dormitory or student hall, you have to apply to your college or university’s student union (). Our ‘Find Student Hall’ function can be of practical help. You only need to make a few mouse clicks to get to the online application form. Find a room and more information about dormitories and student halls in Worms.


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