The houses of "Little Venice" offer Bamberg students a historically relaxed setting. © BAMBERG Tourism & Congress Service
"Little Venice" (Klein Venedig)© BAMBERG Tourism & Congress Service

Whether you want to relax at the river or go window-shopping in the historic part of town, everything is close enough to bike to and you’re always in the midst of beautiful scenery.

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Bamberg is located in southern Germany in the state of Bavaria and is chock full of history. The Bamberg cathedral and numerous historic buildings exude olden-day charm. The historic centre of Bamberg is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

One of the things you’ll find a lot of here is churches. The largest and most impressive is the cathedral which towers over the entire historic downtown. In the vicinity you’ll also find a castle called the “Neue Residenz”. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the historic part of town from the castle’s rose garden.

The old city hall is situated on the Obere Brücke (Upper Bridge). The bridge crosses the river “Linker Regnitzarm“. This is where you’ll find “Little Venice” (Klein Venedig) with its many old romantic buildings along the riverside. Bamberg’s largest funfair, the „“ takes place here every August.

In the summer time, the paths along the “Rechter Regnitzarm” are ideal for taking relaxing walks and enjoying the enchanting charm of the town.


Bicycles are the most important means of transportation for students in Bamberg. It’s a rather quiet city, so taking your bike is a convenient and especially fast way to get where you’re going.

When you make plans to go out with friends, you should meet at the “Gabelmann” marketplace. From there you can walk downtown together, browse through the small shops or a grab a sandwich at the Bäckerei Fuchs.

The residents of Bamberg truly enjoy spending hot summer days at the swimming pool. The “Hainbadestelle” is a really nice spot where you take a dip in the Regnitz River. After cooling off, you can take a walk through the Hainpark, Bamberg’s largest park. In the evening, you can meet up with friends at the “Unterer Brücke” (Lower Bridge). You’re sure to meet lots of other students there when the weather’s nice. The Lower Bridge is ideal for relaxing, spending time with friends, reading, sharing a beer or simply watching the sun go down.

If you want to go out for drinks at night, you can find a number of small bars and pubs on Sandstrasse. You can also try out the famous Bamberg Smoke Beer at the Schlenkerla – a pub which first opened its doors in 1405! In addition to pub tours arranged by the university, many students organise their own private parties, so there’s always something going on.

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