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Seagulls swooping overhead, boats in the harbour and the scent of the salty sea air. Are you looking for adventure and relaxation? Interested in sailing, fish sandwiches and the Baltic Sea? Then Stralsund is the place for you!


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The Hanseatic town of Stralsund is located in north-eastern Germany close to the border of Poland. Its historic centre with its beautiful redbrick Gothic buildings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even though it might not be as busy as Hamburg or other big harbour cities, you definitely won’t feel bored in Stralsund because there are so many things you can do. Above all, you can enjoy life on the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Stralsund is often called the “Gate to Rügen Island” because it lies so close to Germany’s largest island. Many Germans like spending their holidays at the sea, and that’s why Stralsund is such a popular tourist destination. In addition to tourism, shipbuilding and heavy machinery are important industries for the city’s economy. Furthermore, the sail training ship is docked in the harbour of Stralsund and is open to visitors every day.

Downtown you’ll discover some of the widely known landmarks of Stralsund, including the “Alter Markt” (Old Market), and the with its famous gallery passageway. You will discover a diverse ensemble of historical buildings on the Alter Markt including numerous merchant houses, churches, alleyways and quaint squares. Out of a total of 800 historical landmarks in Stralsund, more than 500 are located in the historic city centre. The Kniepertor and the Kütertor are the only parts of the that still exist today.


When the weather is really nice, buy yourself a delicious snack at the cafeteria and head down to the seashore. A long sandy beach is waiting for you. There you can take a relaxing walk, gaze out over the water and leave your university stress behind.

The renovated on Mönchstrasse is one of the most exquisitely preserved townhouses of the Hanseatic era in Stralsund. There you can experience the eventful history of Stralsund over the past seven centuries.



If you haven’t already met some nice students at your on campus, the “Buddy Programme” of the International Office will definitely help you make new acquaintances. At the beginning of the semester, it organises a city rally, for example, to help you become familiar with your new home and its inhabitants. It can also accompany you to the authorities and help you take care of bureaucratic formalities. It also offers organised excursions. Furthermore, the university also offers students the chance to try out many different . Diving, Judo, volleyball? Just show up and join in!

In the evenings, you and your friends can go out and spend a night on the town. In addition to the Hafentage, the Wallensteintage are an exciting event you really shouldn’t miss if you want to experience the culture of Stralsund. But aside from such festivities, there is plenty to do and discover during the day and night in town.


As someone living near the sea, you should probably visit the OZEANEUM, a new and large museum that contains octopuses, penguins and numerous aquariums.

If you’re at the Alter Markt and head towards Seestrasse, you’ll likely pass . It was built in 1254 AD and now is home to the city’s archive. It also serves as a venue for regular open-air theatre performances. A few metres further at Olof-Palme-Platz, you’ll see the which stages operas, concerts and plays.

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