It’s Spring in Magdeburg!

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spring in magdeburg, tulips

Growing up in one of the largest cities in India, differentiating between changes in seasons was a tough ask. In Calcutta, we welcome Spring amidst sweltering heat with songs written by Tagore. With the Hindu festival of colors during that time, it is more of a celebration of colors and less of the change in seasons. The leaves do not dry in the winters and not except the blooming of the Palash, would you notice many changes around. In Magdeburg, it is different.

spring magdeburg birds

Blue Tit bird on a tree branch | 2018

The leaves dry and wither during the cold winters and slowly with the season of spring coming in, leaves appear as little buds, the birds chirp and spend some time in your backyard. You wake up to the chirping of the birds. The city administration goes a step ahead and turns the city into a greater garden. The footpaths and the dividers between streets are filled with flowers, especially tulips of different colors: red, purple, yellow, white. Not only is it just peaceful, you feel happy just walking down the streets, to the classroom or the supermarket.

I would leave you with a few photographs I have taken during 2018.

tulips on the roadside tulips in university flowers in spring magdeburg spring flowers in magdeburg cherry blossom in magdeburg

holzweg, magdeburg spring

Holzweg, Magdeburg.

Bonus info: In Magdeburg, there is a street called “Holzweg”. Both sides of the street are covered with Japanese cherry blossom trees. If you are an early riser, I would strongly recommend you to take a walk there slightly after the sunrise. And if you are into portrait photography, feel free to photograph your friend! Trust me, they wouldn’t be disappointed in you. The area is surrounded by parks, a lake, and small homes with gardens. It feels magnificent there. I’ll share one more photograph with you before ending this post.

tulips in magdeburg
Photographs: Anirban Saha (me) | 2018

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