Osnabrück Market Square © Quersus/wikicommons
Osnabrück Market Square© Quersus/wikicommons

Life as a student in Osnabrück is never boring. You’ll discover a multifaceted city with numerous cultural organisations, shopping opportunities, the Hase River running through downtown, and nice festivals and markets in the historic quarter. In other words, you are sure to find something to love in Osnabrück.


165,251 Inhabitants ¹

28,182 Students ²

2 Higher education institutions ²


Osnabrück is located in the southern part of Lower Saxony. Larger cities nearby include , and . The health care sector is one of the most important branches in the city. More than 14 percent of the population is employed at hospitals, clinics and nursing/geriatric care providers or research institutions working in this field.

Osnabrück suffered extensive damage during the Second World War. Nonetheless, numerous historically significant buildings still exist in the old part of town. For instance, there’s the “Heger Tor”, the main gate leading to the historic district and the “Town Hall of the Peace of Westphalia”. In and around Osnabrück, you’ll find numerous greens, parks, forests and meadows where you can bike, take walks or simply relax.

If you are interested in culture, Osnabrück offers a broad range of cultural highlights. The “Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra”, founded in 1919, is well-known far beyond the city limits. The orchestra has performed concerts in Volgograd, Kiev, Minsk and Tehran. You can attend their regular concerts during the season. Some of them are held in the large auditorium of the university.

In addition to the “Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra”, the Theater Osnabrück also stages performances all year round. You can see them at numerous venues, such as the emma-theater, Theater am Domhof and other locations. You can even go see plays in English at the Ostensibles, Osnabrück’s Theatre in English.


Definitely take a night-time stroll through Osnabrück with the night guard! It’s a great way to become familiar with the city from a different perspective. And you’ll discover details and places you would have never noticed otherwise.

The Felix Nussbaum House is a must-see for art and architecture enthusiasts. There you can enjoy the largest collection of paintings by the painter Felix Nussbaum. The museum itself was designed by the famous American architect Daniel Libeskind.



There are many things to do in Osnabrück in your free time. The historic district is multicultural and possesses a very unique charm.

You can visit the former quarry and mining operations at the Piesberg Cultural and Landscape Park. Long ago the Piesberg quarry was the largest stone quarry in Central Europe. Today, you can dig for fossils there or discover the quarry on your own via geocaching. At the Piesberg Gesellschaftshaus, you can learn to dance the tango under the chestnut trees. And, when it’s hot outside, take a trip 30 metres underground down the “Rabbit Tunnel” at the Museum of Industrial Culture.

The Hase River runs straight through Osnabrück. It’s a great place to relax after a tiring lecture. The two lakes in Osnabrück are also ideal for finding some rest and relaxation. Rubbenbruchsee is situated in the middle of a recreational park and the Attersee is both an excellent swimming lake and a popular destination for excursions.

If you’re a nature lover, we recommend visiting the Botanical Garden. You and your friends can enjoy the wonders of nature in the expansive grounds or even venture into the jungle. The Botanical Garden is centrally located and admission is free.

If you enjoy spending time in pleasant conversation with friends, you will find numerous bars, restaurants and pubs downtown. If you’re looking for music and dancing, you can visit a club in town.


There are many beautiful bike paths where you can enjoy nature outside the city. The region around Osnabrück is flat which makes it easy to explore the countryside by bike. If you’d like to see more of the “Osnabrücker Land“, we recommend hiring a “Draisine” – a small railway vehicle – with your friends.

How to find a room in Osnabrück

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