The Flammkuchen Adventure

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A few months after I arrived in beautiful Lüneburg, I decided that I wanted to make a German dish I had heard of called “Flammkuchen”. Flammkuchen to me is like German pizza. It is a thin dough that is spread with Crème Fraiche and topped with bacon and onions, which is then baked in the oven till crispy. 

I made my grocery list and biked to my local German grocery store. I got a shopping cart and went into the grocery store. After going to the produce section to get the onions, I looked at my list and saw something called “Schmand”. I had absolutely no idea what this was, so I quickly searched on my phone. I now knew what it was, but now I had to find it. I wandered aimlessly around the grocery store first starting in the sauce aisle. I then came upon the cold cases where the milk, butter, yogurt, etc. are located at. I thought to myself “it has to be here somewhere”. I started at the end of the case, and slowly looked through every product. I went down the case once, and once again, but I could not find the Schmand. 

People were constantly wanting to get around me, and since I was so slow, a small line started to form behind me. At that moment, I felt so much pressure and stress, I gave up. I left the cold cases and walked down the sweet aisle. I had to stand there to collect myself because I did not want to cry in the grocery store. After a few minutes, I tried again and found the Schmand! I then went to the register to pay and biked back home. That evening I reaped the rewards of my adventure at the grocery store and ate the delicious flammkuchen. 

This one experience for me really embodies the struggle of moving to a new country. Something as small as finding an ingredient in the grocery store can be a struggle. Since my time in Germany, I have experienced many little struggles and successes. Eventually, these small accomplishments build and overtime to bigger and bigger ones. Gradually, I have been getting used to my local German grocery store. Now, I know my way around the store. Of course, at times, I do not know where things are, but am much more confident. 

Adapting to a new country takes time and comes with all these small struggles.  I know that if I can succeed at navigating a German grocery store, I can succeed in many other things in Germany!

Also, I would recommend for everyone to try flammkuchen! It is really easy to make and tastes really yummy!

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    Hi Arielle,
    Nice story, I can relate to that when I have been shopping groceries while on business trips to Germany. Nowadays I am searching for a career , diploma, programme to learn Germany gastronomy/pastry. So far on the internet I cannot find much about institutions that offer that to non German speakers. Any ideas or is it really just by apprenticeship thru companies that people becomes chefs in Germany?

    Comment by Enrique created 28/04/2021 - 09:21

      Hi Enrique,
      we are not quite sure what kind of programme you are looking for. Have a look at our website or send us a message via our webiste so we can answer any questions you might have. Greetings, Kristin Study in Germany Team

      Comment by Redaktion created 29/04/2021 - 14:46

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