This tower was built in the 13th century

… and is still there, till now, sound and quiet. No matter how many times Passau was flooded, no matter how high the water level was, the tower is there for more than 800 years.

Its solidity and firmness on one hand inspires me everyday, and on the other hand rings the bell of my forever-“fairytaled” soul, so called: a daydreamer.

As you might have read from my previous blog, I was always on the top of the “game” for 3 years in a row, when I studied in Vietnam back then. And now, after just only two weeks of student life in Germany, for the first time in life I can feel it from deep down inside, that there is much more to learn and studying has never been something easy, not to mention studying in a foreign language, about a complete different field and concern of my life, ever: laws and politics, of Europe. However, I am here to learn, to test the limits and break through them, to get myself out of the comfort zones and achieve a better version of me, not to get better than anyone else.

Its solidity and firmness on one hand inspires me everyday.


This is easier said than done. Facts remain facts and so as the bitterness that I have to taste everyday. The struggles are real and I find myself in such a big dilemma: either I translate every word that I do not understand, or read a lot of other texts and do a lot of researching on the side, to be able to get the idea without having to translate. The second option literally sounds to be the right one, but it takes on the other hand a lot of time and effort. The feeling of always not-done-yet, of always having something else that I should do instead of taking a rest or cooking or cleaning or any other activity than studying and studying and studying, puts me under such a heavy pressure and constant stress. It is just not easy. Like it never has and never will.

And then, there is that tower, on my way home, as it always has and always will, sound and quiet.

The historic Schaiblingsturm in Passau at sunrise.
Schaiblingsturm on an early Sunday morning.© DAAD/ Anh-Hoang

Giving myself a moment to calm down, I realize nothing would ever change: the tower will keep on writing its history, and so do I. As long as I keep on trying in quietness, there would be someday when people hear the sound of my achievements. And as long as I keep on standing tall and do not give up, it would also be okay if I am just being me, a better one, instead of a “princess” or any other important person.

And close to my house, there is always a tower!

A historic tower, 800 years old, with a flock of birds above it.
The tower has been always here, for more than 800 years.© DAAD/ Anh-Hoang

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Hello. And Bye.

written by XRumerTest created on

Oh, I remember that tower. I love and miss Passau very much.

written by Jack Milgram created on

Happy to remind you some good memories :)

written by Hoang Anh created on

just passing by, it seems you're a bit harsh on yourself. Learning stuff in a new language is difficult, no doubt. It becomes even more frustrated when the topic is abt politics, law or any academic paper. Reading a lot or translating every word is equally good, you can do whatever suits your comfort most. I would rather take a little of both, read a lot to improve comprehensive and reasoning, and still look up for terminology. Law and politics require absolute precision, you dont need to get yourself into a sticky situation and regret having taken either option for granted. Both of them aren't wrong, they are means. Take small and steady steps, eyes on the prize. Knowledge is power, not a crown, and have anyone known a lot?

written by Alisson created on

Hi Alison, thanks for your advices! I do appreciate it a lot.

written by Hoang Anh Nguyen created on

Good to see blog active with good content. You are magnifique!

written by M.Evangeline created on

Thanks, mate. You are too!

written by Hoang Anh Nguyen created on

In general, your writing is excellent and comprehensive, I like the design, how you lead the story and imply personal thoughts and message. Though, there's a part that, to me, is quite confusing about the idea you're trying to convey, quoting: "The solidity combined with the fairytale [...] sound and quiet." As my understanding, the former paragraphs are about the struggles and how you have to cope with new challenges. Then there comes a sentence, I believe to be a transition from one status (strong, intense) to the opposite (calm, gentle) and I expect the latter will describe how you look up to its consistency and steadiness. Nonetheless I could hardly grasp your idea on the paragraph, more specifically the princess in the tower that you refer. A princess does not represent any Tower, once passed away, crown passes on, she has nothing to do with the 800-year symbol, or hardly ever climbed the royal ladder (baby she was born this way ofc regardless of conspiracy or overthrown schemes ‍♀️ ). Maybe it's due to the fairytale, yet all I know is the story of a Prince climbing a the tower to rescue the Princess, however it would still be irrelevant in this context. If there's one to admire and look up to, personally I would think of the Architecture, the Mastermind behind every structure. His greatest success lies not only on the longevity and functionality, but also on the message implied, regardless it is a small tower or even a writing. In this case it would be about the humility, endurance, firmness and calmness of the Tower, facing all the winds, the tides or the storm for hundreds of years. If the point is about dignity and self-belief, I do have a reference, do you see that, this tower looks just like a firework, resembling pride and independence? Even reminds me of Katy Perry and her song, which would very much suit you. All in all, these are my humble opinions on this writing, pardon me if at any point I'm wrong or you find offensive. Keep on the good work!

written by Gianna Veira created on

Hi Gianna, First of all, thank you a lot for your comment and your really interesting aspect, as well as all the meanings and metaphors you have pointed out! It is even more impressive to me, that you can come up with all these ideas from just 1 picture I took, together with a little bit details that I have shared within the blog. It’s really insightful of you! For your questions, I would say that I see at the same time 2 things about the tower: its steadiness and the fairytale side, because it has been there since the middle ages. Moreover, talking about a tower in fairytale, it is likely to think of a princess who got stuck inside, waiting for a prince to climb up and rescue her as you also have referred. However, in this case, I did not refer to that typical princess, but the one who actively chose to stay in such a steady, tall tower, in full control of her life and would do anything, face any challenge to keep the crown firm and also to deserve the crown she was wearing. Gladly, that type of princess is exactly firework of Katy! And this song is, too, my all time favourite when it comes to motivation. Back to the topic, the steadiness part is already clear I assume, but the fairytale part was a bit confusing and please forgive me for that. I hope my explanation have answered your questions and no worry, nothing is taken as offence! I love hearing from you all because it is all about sharing thoughts public on the internet ❣️ One last point is that I am not really good at writing in english and for that reason, this blog is also a channel for me to practice my writing skill, to be really honest. Hence, I really appreciate your encouragement and your further support! ❤️ Best, your Ahn

written by Hoang Anh Nguyen created on

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