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Inside the Jewel Box

After Berlin, the capital of Saxony was next. We were leaving behind the industrial vibes to explore Florence on the Elbe (Elbflorenz). The plan was to stop at Dresden Hauptbahnhof and take a stroll around the city. Then we would have four free hours to use them the way we wanted to.


It’s surprising to see that sometimes the smallest cities are the most charming ones. The Old Town was a real beauty. The architecture, highly influenced by Italian style was a mix of baroque and rococo. The center seemed like a museum room filled with works of art. During our stroll we got to see The Procession of Princes (Fürstenzug), the largest porcelain mural in the world. This mural portrays 93 people, 35 of which are invidividuals of the upper class-noblemen, whose names are inscribed below their images. The others are foot soldiers and companions.

In our free time we decided to visit Frauenkirche (Dresdner Frauenkirche) first, but unfortunately, a wedding was taking place so we couldn’t enter. This church that was rebuilt after being destroyed in the bombing of Dresden is considered to be a symbol of peace and is a well known attraction for many people, be them religious or not.

Since the city was filled with restaurants of different cuisines, especially Italian ones, we agreed to sit in one of them to take a break and eat something.

After that, it was Zwinger’s time! This place was a true gem! Everywhere we laid our eyes on was marvelous. The palace with its gardens took us back in time and it truly felt like we were in a different era. The place was enormous and overflowing with turists. Even walking around purposelessly would take more than just minutes, let alone visiting the whole of it. The museum complex contained three sections:

  • Old Masters Picture Gallery (Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister)
  • The Dresden Porcelain Collection (Dresdener Porzellansammlung)
  • Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments (Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon)
Female student sitting in front of a water fountain
Female student sitting in front of a water fountain© Sindi

We had only two hours left so we chose the first one. Floor by floor we encountered some of the most famous paintings such as Sistine Madonna, Madonna and Child with St. Francis, Sleeping Venus, Dresden Triptych and other masterpieces by some of the greatest painters of all time. There was even a room completely dedicated to world’s most famous sculptures like Pietá and David. Even the outside of the museum was fascinating. Following a hidden pathway, we found ourselves in the nymphs‘ realm. It’s no wonder this place is regarded to be one of Europe’s most beautiful Baroque water features.


We left the city being sure that one day, we would return again to explore the magnificence of the Jewel Box. -Sindi


Female student sitting in front of a water fountain
Female student sitting in front of a water fountain© Sindi

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I don't know anyone in Germany and your blog has been a blessing. I live in a coastal town in south India - Chennai. The temperatures here are usually 30 plus and it is never cold. Could you perhaps, if you had the time, assist me with appropriate clothing for women to bring along with me so I'm well prepared for the winter in Bremen? I have one more week to leave for Germany, and the temperatures will be around 8-12 degrees. I'm aware I'm asking for a lot, but it will be a huge help if you could do this. Precisely because you happen to be from Germany too! I really wish you all the luck on your travels, and would like to extend a big thank you for sharing your blogs! Thanks a lot and cheers! :)

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I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have never been in Bremen but I have spend my winter holidays in Leipzig and Bavaria and it's FREEZING cold! I would highly suggest you to get the warmest coat you can and stockings to wear underneath the trousers. Don't forget some warm boots too! I hope I've been of some help :)

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Zittau Salt House© KuWeit Culture and Further Education Society Ltd.
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