Fact Sheet

First name: Sindi
Country of origin: Albania
Year of birth: 1995
Field of study: Law
German university: University of Leipzig
University location: Leipzig
Type of stay: Sommerkurs
I have been writing for the blog since: Summer 2018
My hobbies and interests: Photography, Dancing, Reading, Traveling

About Sindi Basha

My name is Sindi Basha and I am 23 years old. I reside in Germany on DAAD scholarship.I graduated in Law from University of Tirana and I am currently in my last year of studies working on my Master’s Degree in Criminal Law. Besides that, I work at the University of Tirana’s Rectorat as an Investment Specialist dealing with tenders and also as a lawyer, defending the University in its cases. Before this, I have been part of an Internship in the Court for Serious Crimes, where I took care of the anonymity of some of the court decisions.I am also one of the Administrators of a japanese culture fans’ group, organising its events and lately cooperating with the Japanese Embassy. I like learning new languages and that’s why I started German in the first place. Now that I am part of the a summer school program, I expect to get the full experience on the language.

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Skyline with the Frauenkirche © Horschig/DAAD
Skyline with the Frauenkirche© Horschig/DAAD
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Unitower © Brüggemann/DAAD
Leipzig Unitower© Brüggemann/DAAD
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Water feature
Water feature© Janine Funke


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