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Hello everyone! I am Yash, a Mechanical Engineer currently working and living in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg. I have lived and studied in Germany since 2017 and graduated from my Bachelor’s course (B.Sc. Maschinenbau) in April 2021. I have had a passion for German Engineering since my high school days in Kolkata, India and continue to explore the depths of this field. Coming to Germany for higher education was the best decision I have ever made with respect to my studies and career. I have worked numerous student jobs in Karlsruhe and am currently employed at my university, working on multiple research projects in the field of Li-Ion Battery Development and Exploratory Data Analytics. The reason I wish to blog about my student life, certain professional experiences and life in Germany in general, is because I like to share my experiences with aspiring students from all over the world. Until now I have only been in contact with a small number of students who wish to pursue their studies in Germany. However, with the help of www.study-in-germany.de and DAAD I aim to share my experiences and guide a vast group of people to study, work and live life the German way. Hoping to see you on my page! Auf wiedersehen!

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