Rostock lighthouse on the beach © Schlun/DAAD
Rostock lighthouse on the beach© Schlun/DAAD

In the far north of Germany, the city of Rostock welcomes you with wide, sandy beaches along the Baltic Sea, quaint higher education institutions and a downtown full of large parks and greens. And in the summertime, Rostock rolls out a vibrant cultural programme for students.


209,191 Inhabitants ¹

13,409 Students ²

2 Higher education institutions ²


More and more students complete their studies in Rostock every year. This large city in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania has a lot to offer – beaches, a beautifully renovated historic city centre and a large harbour. The Hanseatic city attracts countless tourists every year.



Summer in Rostock is especially beautiful. It takes only twenty minutes to reach the beach at Warnemünde by suburban railway. You can relax there, go swimming, or take a sailing trip. And from the beach, you can watch the ferries heading to Denmark, Sweden and Finland.


If you’re in Rostock, buy yourself a fish sandwich and sit down on the beach in Warnemünde. There’s no better way to experience the Baltic Sea!

Rostock boasts one of the oldest universities in Germany, located in the centre of town. The university itself and many buildings downtown were constructed in the brick Gothic-style and are still very well-preserved. Among the rows of buildings, you will find numerous greens and parks, such as the Botanical Garden, the ramparts and the city harbour, where students meet in the evenings.



Many students choose to live in the district of Kröpeliner Tor-Vorstadt (KTV). In addition to many flats, you’ll find one café or bar after another. The “Bahnhofsviertel” (train-station district) with its newly renovated historic apartments is popular among students as well. Of course, the rental prices in these areas are somewhat higher than in other parts of the city.

The rental prices are less expensive the further away you live from the centre of town. In the outer districts, you can’t walk or ride your bike to campus or downtown. However, every student receives a “semester ticket” from the higher education institution, with which they can use all modes of public transportation free of charge.

The allocates rooms in student halls of residence that are located all across the city.

If you want to take a break, there are many things to do in Rostock.

When students go out at night, they usually meet up at one of the student clubs in town and in the summer time they can watch movies together with friends in back courdyards.

You can attend cultural events at the Volkstheater. Students of the Rostock University of Music and Drama regularly stage concerts and plays as well.


Due to Rostock’s proximity to the sea, many of the attractions during the summer take place on the water. You’re guaranteed to see a wide variety of sailing regattas, or races. The is open for students of all higher education institutions in Rostock and offers an especially diverse range of water sports.

At the second weekend in August, you can experience Rostock’s cultural highlight of the year – the . Nearly half a million visitors travel to Rostock at that weekend to watch sailings ships of all shapes and sizes enter the harbour. You can meet up with your friends at the funfair and gaze at the huge ships passing by.

How to find a room in Rostock

Many university and college towns have dormitories or student halls, and a room there is often the most affordable accommodation. To obtain a room in a dormitory or student hall, you have to apply to your college or university’s student union (). Our ‘Find Student Hall’ function can be of practical help. You only need to make a few mouse clicks to get to the online application form. Find a room and more information about dormitories and student halls in Rostock.



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