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As said “Unplanned trips are the best, because planned never happen”, I truly believe in that after my trip to Bamberg. Few days ago, I had been to Nuremberg for some work and done with it by afternoon. Since I had Bayern Ticket, I just thought of going to some other place around Nuremberg. After checking in Google, I found some really beautiful places around Nuremberg and Bamberg was one of those. Then I went to Nuremberg Bahnhof and checked the train timings on display screen. Luckily, there was a train in 10 minutes from Nuremberg to Bamberg. It took around 45 minutes to reach Bamberg from Nuremberg. Finally, I got down in Bamberg and checked Google for sightseeing places over there.

The old town area of Bamberg was a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Bamberg’s world cultural heritage is divided into three main parts: Mountain town, Island town and Garden town – a unique mixture of historic town structures, which has been preserved over the centuries.

I took a bus just before Bamberg Central station to go to Rathaus. I would say that this Old town hall (Altes Rathaus) is a very unique architecture that was often referred by local people as as Island or Bridge Town hall. A lot of tunnels were also constructed beneath the town. When I checked about the construction of town hall, I came across an very interesting story. According to History, the Bishop of Bamberg did not want to give the citizens any space to build a town hall. This is why the Bamberg piles rammed into the Regnitz and created an artificial island on which they built the building. You can find some really beautiful images of this construction here.

Entrance View of Rathaus on Bridge

Bamberg Rathaus constructed on Artificial Island

Side View of Rathaus

Statue near Rathaus

Construction of Canals in town

Then, I walked to the back of this town hall. There I came across magnificent view of half-timbered houses and small gardens as if they are clearly arranged in row. This area was called as “Little Venice”. There was also option of boating for visitors so that they can experience this beautiful view. I also heard from the people over there that the banks are constructed in such a way that any damage cannot be caused by several meters of flooding.

Half-Timbered houses and Boats (Little Venice)

From here, I walked through very beautiful narrow streets. As Bamberg was one of the places which was not destroyed during World War II, I came across various constructions depicting holy Roman Empire. These medieval streets made Bamberg look so authentic and stunningly amazing.

Beautiful streets of Bamberg

View from entry of Rathaus

I almost visited the whole important points through walk, thereby experiencing the architecture and the nature so close. Then I reached Bamberg Cathedral and New Residence Hall (Neue Residenz).

Inside Cathedral

Front View of Bamberg Cathedral

New Residence Hall

After visiting there, I took a bus to Bamberg Railway station and my short and solo trip ended with lot many beautiful experiences from Bamberg.

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    Hi to anyone who can help,
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    I don’t know German, but interested to learn. I am fluent with English.

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      Hi Natasha,

      You can find programmes with English as the course language in the DAAD-database:
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