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20 minutes from Offenburg by train is a small and beautiful city named Haslach. This city is green from head to toe and is very refreshing that way. Since two of our friends live in Haslach, we were invited over on the weekend for a meal together.


Like I keep saying, almost all of my friends at university are amazing cooks, our host at Haslach was no different. An expert in cooking lamb and beef, we were treated to a very delicious Pakistani dish of lamb for lunch.

But before that we went for a hike through a beautiful forest located right behind our friend’s home where we saw horses and cows too. If I lived in a house that had such a beautiful balcony view and an entire forest right behind it, the chances of me showing up in school would be rather low.

Needless to say the food was wonderful and the hospitality of our friends even more so.

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We’re almost a month into the semester and I can’t decide if the first month passed too slowly or too fast because on one hand it feels like I’ve been into this for 3 months already, but on the other hand, I really haven’t gotten much work done. It really is time to make a serious schedule and stick to it if I want to get everything done in time.

Being the huge gift-lover that I am, I have to say I love all these beautiful shirts that my friends get me when they come back from their vacations. They’re not just beautiful but a whole lot of thoughtful too.🎁


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